5 Ways for Dads To Bond With Baby


There is no question that the bond between a mother and child starts from the very first moment. The love comes intensely, fiercely and naturally. But it can't be said the same for fathers. They tend to be left out at bonding experiences such as breastfeeding. So how can fathers bond with their babies?

1.  Skin to skin

The benefits of skin to skin contact are many: temperature regulation, stress reduction, blood sugar becoming stable. Lounge with your baby, placing them on your chest while you watching television. by doing so, your baby will become familiar with your scents and heartbeats. 

2. Play games

Play peek-a-boo, reading a story or sing to your baby. Make a daily ritual for you and your baby. A special for daddy to bond with their baby.

3. Early interactions

The early months of a child's life is very important. Hold, interact and care for your baby in the first few months' of their lives. This will create a routine for you to have special moments with your baby.

4. Be involved in doing things with your wife

Don't leave all the parenting or lists of things to do for your child to your wife. Get involved and do what that needs to be done. Need to feed the baby? You do it. Need to change pampers? You do it. Being involved from the get-go will reduce any stress your wife has. In fact, not only will it brings you closer to your child, it will also strengthen your relationship with your wife.

5. Create or continue father-child traditions

Bring your baby out for a morning trip to the store. Or attend several baby-friendly events together. It is the little things that your baby will remember as they grow older.

Remember that a father's role is just as important as a mother's. It is best to create a positive and healthy connection with your baby from the very beginning. 


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