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Bonding Ideas For Siblings

  Squabbles between siblings are part and parcel of family life. Of course, their constant squabbles will drive the parents nuts. But that is the challenge with having two or more children. So what can you do as parents to ensure that the squabbles will not have a negative impact on the siblings' relationship with each other? Create fun activities for them to interact with each other in a positive way and in a non toxic environment. Here are 5 activities that will encourage a lot of love for the siblings. 1. Games against Mom and Dad Have your children team up in the same group and the parents in another group. You can play physical games such as tag, hide and seek or water fight. Watch them work together to scheme and win against the parents! What a way to build siblings bond than to overthrow the parents! 2. Play board or cards games One of my best childhood memories was playing board and card games with my siblings. We love UNO and Monopoly and never get tired of them. Board and

[Primary] Sample Composition - An Angry Incident

Write a composition of at least 150 words about an angry incident. The pictures are provided to help you think about this topic. Your composition should be based on one or more of these pictures. Consider the following points when you plan your composition. Your composition should be based What/who triggered the anger? Was the incident that caused the anger resolved? You may use the points in any order and include other relevant points as well. “Woof! Woof!”, my dog, Sparky barked loudly as he leapt up and down. Playing catch is his favourite pastime. “Catch the ball Sparky!” I yelled with a smile as I drew my arm back and threw the ball into the air. Sparky charged for the ball but I knew that he would take a longer time to catch it as compared to other dogs. I looked at Sparky as he enthusiastically limped away to catch the ball. Every time I watch him limp away, I can feel an overwhelming swell in my heart and memories come flooding into my mind. “Ring!” the shrill of the school bel

3 Screen Free Activities For Families

  Are you at a loss trying to come up with something to do with the family together that has nothing to do with anything digital? Well, we have 3 screen free activities for you and your family. 1. Have A Cook-Off It doesn't have to be anything complicated. Start with something simple like pizza. Prepare the pizza base for each group and set up the toppings like different types of cheese, meat and vegetables. Each group needs to create the pizza with their favourite toppings. You also can give rewards for "Best Pizza", "The Most Creative" or "The Most Unique Combination". And when the cook-off is over, you will beautiful memories with delicious food. 2. Tackle A Family Puzzle Jigsaw puzzle provide hours of fun for the family. There are many jigsaw puzzles for different age groups so make sure to get one that will suit your whole family. Prepare snacks and drinks so that you can munch as you work together. You will be amazed at the amazing conversation t