3 Simple Science Experiments You Can Do At Home


Science experiments don't have to be complicated and they don't require expensive equipments. You can do kid-friendly science experiments at the convenience of your own home. So let's try these 3 science experiments!

1. Make your own lava lamp

What you need are vegetable oil, food colouring, fizzing tablets and water! Creating Lava Lamps are that simple and easy. Check out the link here for the instructions.

2. Create hidden messages

Use lemon to create hidden/invisible messages on paper. Extremely easy experiment to do. Reveal the messages by placing the paper near a heat source. For more information on the experiment, visit here.

3. Make volcano explode

A favourite experiment! Time to mix baking soda and vinegar and see what happens. it is going to get messy. How you can do this experiment, click here.



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