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6 Tips For Parents When Your Child Does Not Do Well For Exams

All parents want their children to do well in all areas of life, especially academics. When the world focus so much on education, you want them to be able to obtain the best results in all their subjects and get the highest qualification possible. What happens when you did all you can for your child and they are still not performing well for their exams? What can you do as a parent that can benefit your child positively? Here are 6 tips for parents when your child does not do well for exams. 1. Remain Calm The first and crucial thing to do is remain calm. It is only natural to get angry when your child is not doing well or reach your expectations. But yelling and screaming at your child may affect their self-esteem. Remember that you are the adult here and how you choose to respond is very vital. Let them know that you do not approve of their grades but if they need help in anything, tell them that they have your full support. 2. Let Your Child Rest Stress levels are very high during t

5 Ways for Dads To Bond With Baby

  There is no question that the bond between a mother and child starts from the very first moment. The love comes intensely, fiercely and naturally. But it can't be said the same for fathers. They tend to be left out at bonding experiences such as breastfeeding. So how can fathers bond with their babies? 1.  Skin to skin The benefits of skin to skin contact are many: temperature regulation, stress reduction, blood sugar becoming stable. Lounge with your baby, placing them on your chest while you watching television. by doing so, your baby will become familiar with your scents and heartbeats.  2. Play games Play peek-a-boo, reading a story or sing to your baby. Make a daily ritual for you and your baby. A special for daddy to bond with their baby. 3. Early interactions The early months of a child's life is very important. Hold, interact and care for your baby in the first few months' of their lives. This will create a routine for you to have special moments with your baby. 4

Resource For Primary English: Grammar

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Resource for P4 Science!

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3 Simple Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

  Science experiments don't have to be complicated and they don't require expensive equipments. You can do kid-friendly science experiments at the convenience of your own home. So let's try these 3 science experiments! 1. Make your own lava lamp What you need are vegetable oil, food colouring, fizzing tablets and water! Creating Lava Lamps are that simple and easy. Check out the link here for the instructions. 2. Create hidden messages Use lemon to create hidden/invisible messages on paper. Extremely easy experiment to do. Reveal the messages by placing the paper near a heat source. For more information on the experiment, visit here . 3. Make volcano explode A favourite experiment! Time to mix baking soda and vinegar and see what happens. it is going to get messy. How you can do this experiment, click here . HAVE FUN!!

How To Communicate With Your Teenager

  Does it feel like it is getting harder and harder to communicate with your teenager? Each time you ask them a question, the most you can get out them is "Fine" or "Whatever". Nothing can get your teenager to open up to you. The teenage years are one of the most difficult years that parents have to go through. But it doesn't mean that you and your teenager can't be as close as before or communicate effectively. We share with you a few tips on how to communicate with your teenager below. Listen to them Teenagers don't open up when they are being asked direct questions. So try to create a casual environment in the space that your teenager is in. Share a funny story or joke that you heard that day. And see their response. More often than not, they will respond with a positive comment and let the conversation steer naturally from there. If they give a one-word response, don't be disheartened. Remain where you are and be in the same space as they are whi