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The Importance of Daily Routine

      (Photo by  Benjamin Manley  on  Unsplash ) “Bath time!” screamed a mum. “NO! I don’t want to!” a child screeched. “Come on. Hurry up. I need to prepare dinner. Please get in the bathroom!” begged the mum. “No! No baths! I want to play!” the child ran away from the mum and escaped into another room. Sounds familiar? Do you have trouble getting your child to eat, bath or sleep at the right time? Is your child’s schedule all over the place that half the time you are not sure what they supposed to be doing? Then it is time to establish some ground rules to maintain normalcy and sanity into the household. Why Daily Routine is Important? Routine help children develop a sense of stability and order. It creates a calmer household as a whole because the child and the other family members in the household need to know what to expect throughout the day. With a routine, a child will learn over time how to do simple things like brushing teeth. Your child w