Bonding Ideas For Siblings


Squabbles between siblings are part and parcel of family life. Of course, their constant squabbles will drive the parents nuts. But that is the challenge with having two or more children. So what can you do as parents to ensure that the squabbles will not have a negative impact on the siblings' relationship with each other?

Create fun activities for them to interact with each other in a positive way and in a non toxic environment. Here are 5 activities that will encourage a lot of love for the siblings.

1. Games against Mom and Dad

Have your children team up in the same group and the parents in another group. You can play physical games such as tag, hide and seek or water fight. Watch them work together to scheme and win against the parents! What a way to build siblings bond than to overthrow the parents!

2. Play board or cards games

One of my best childhood memories was playing board and card games with my siblings. We love UNO and Monopoly and never get tired of them. Board and card games will allow opportunities for them to chat with each other and create bountiful laughters among them.

3. Have daily reading session

You can have the reading session before bed. Get to them to take turns in choosing a favourite book that they would like to share and read the books or parts of the books to their siblings. They can discuss about the characters or scenarios in the books. This opens up communication between the siblings and get them to read at the same time.

4. Have a siblings art project

Round up the siblings and ask them to work together on an art project as a way to decorate their room or the house. They can choose to paint, sculpture or build their art project. Working on a meaningful project and having something that they work and accomplished on display for everyone to see. will only strengthen their bond in more ways than one.

5. Organise a scavenger hunt

You can organise an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt for your kids. Make a list of 10 items that they have to find together. For example,"Something Pink' or "Something Square". And you keep them busy and out of your hair for an awesome hour or so!

Continue encouraging your children to bond, respect and love each other with these activities. They will squabble but they will have a healthy relationship with one another.


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