3 Fine Motor Skill Activities For Your Young Ones

Does your child still have problems grasping a pencil or moving objects with their fingertips? We have 3 creative and interesting activities you can do with your child to develop their fine motor skills.

1.      Playing with play-doh (or homemade dough)

Remember those times that you used to create hamburgers or houses with your play-doh? Yes? While you playing around with your play-doh, you were actually improving your motor skills. And it works just the same for your child. Encourage your child to squeeze, pinch and stretch the play-doh. Roll the play-doh into worms or press them down till the play-doh is as flat as a pancake. Use a plastic knife or child safe scissors and cut the worms or pancakes into little pieces. This is a fun activity that you can do with your child.

2.      Painting

Painting helps your child with their eye coordination and manual dexterity. Painting with a brush will teach them how to hold a brush in a steady and controlled manner. You can do finger painting activities with your child as well. It is a time to get messy and creative at the same time. Drawing is also highly encouraged, whether with pencils, crayons or even water colours. These activities will build up the creativity and imagination in your child.

3.      Water Play

Prepare two cups. Fill one cup to about one quarter of the cup and leave the other empty. Get your child to transfer water from first cup to the empty by using only an eye-dropper. Trying to draw the water into the eye-dropper improve their small muscles control. You can add more cups and fill the water with food colouring and make this activity into a colour mixing experiment!

Have fun and let the imaginations flow.

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